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    YG-70 Drilling rig


    YG-70 construction drilling rig is a full hydraulic operated top drive power head drill. It is used to drill heavy duty pretension anchor hole at side slope of water power station, railway or highway projects, as well as drainage holes. It also used to prevent or solve geologic calamity, such as landslide and rock collapse etc. In addition, it is also used to drill small sized water well and high-pressure jet grouting hole. It is already widely used in various projects such as water power stations situated in Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and Hubei provinces, and expressways as well such as Ninbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou (in Zhejiang), Huangshan- Hangzhou (in Zhejiang), Dali-Baoshan (in Yunnan).It has become the first priority for medium-duty anchoring-reinforcing projects in China.


    It has great drilling capability, wide range of application, rapid drilling speed and high drilling efficiency, as well as powerful ability of eliminating accidents.
    Extension mechanism in the output spindle of top drive power head protects drilling tools effectively. It can increase the hole inclination angle range and drill elevation angle hole, while setting the top drive power head and hole top plate toward the opposite direction.
    A set of front-mounted adjustable columns on drill frame is used for adjusting the height of mast front-end, which makes it convenient to align with working position.
    Rig structure is a separate group design, and assures good disassembility , rapid and convenient mount and transport, better working environment and lower labor strength as well as remote control and operation.
    Mast can be fixed on staging immediately without drill frame with auxiliary parts (horizontal axle and buckles), which makes it possible for greatly reducing rig weight and fastening transport.
    The imported hydraulic motor, other main assembly preferentially selected home made reputed and high quality products ensure its stable running performance, reliable product quality and long service life. It has good interchangeability due to the high grade of standardization and seriesization of wearing parts.Full hydraulic drive and ensures, stepless shift, simple operate, convenient maintain and few wearing parts.It can be used with various drilling method such as carbide bit drilling, anger drilling, DTH hammer drilling, follow-up casing drilling etc.

    Main Technical Specifications

    drilling depth 80-70m
    Drilling diameter ? 180- ? 130mm
    drill diameter ? 73 × 1500, ? 89 × 1500mm
    Drilling dip 0 ~ 120 °
    power head output speed (positive and negative) 5-98rpm (upscale) 5-37rpm (low)
    Rated output torque of the power head 3200NM
    Power head stroke 1800 mm
    mast slip stroke 500 mm
    power head maximum pull force 45KN
    Power Head biggest feeding force 30KN
    Motor Type Y180L-4 Power 22KW
    Host Dimension 3100 × 1000 × 1500 (mm)
    Rig weight 1400Kg
    maximum can not be demolished parts weighing less than 200Kg

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