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    XY-5TR Diamond Core Drilling Rig


    XY-5 TR core drilling rig is suitable for conventional diamond core drilling in geological exploration such as metal and un-metal mine, coal and oil field, gas field etc. It can drill holes from vertical to elevation angle through various sorts of formation including soft, hard and broken or fractured formation by wet/dry or flush method.


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    drilling depth 1500/1150 / 780m
    drill specifications BQ / NQ / HQ
    hole diameter φ150mm
    final hole diameter φ75mm
    Drilling dip 0 ~ 90 °
    Rotator Type Chase Drive
    scroll through holes φ96
    Spindle speed rpm n 87; 170; 267; 301; 362; 591; 928; 1262; anti-67; 230
    Spindle stroke 500mm
    scroll down to maximum speed without load 3.42m / min
    scroll upward-load maximum speed 2.28m / min
    scroll up maximum weight 135kN (cylinder chamber pressure 8MPa time)
    scroll down to the maximum pressure capacity 90kN (cylinder chamber pressure 8MPa time)
    line speed (m / s) 0.891.742.733.183.746.08
    mentioning weight (kN) 4023.4161410.47.2
    reel rope capacity (six) 140 米
    wire rope specifications φ18.5 mm (6 × 37)
    coring winch line speed single rope l 1.5m / s
    Single rope lifting 12kN
    rig moves backward stroke 450mm
    rigs rated load 150kN
    lifting height 7m
    Auxiliary power Diesel 80 hp motor 55Kw
    Equipment Dimensions (L × W × H) Transportation state 8800 × 2250 × 3600mm Construction Status 6000 × 5000 × 9800mm
    Equipment Total weight 7500kg
    towing speed ≤10km / h

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