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    YGL-100 Full Hydraulic Multifunctional Crawler Drilling Rig


    YGL-100 drilling rig is one kind of full hydraulic power head (top drive) crawler drilling rig. It is mainly applied in drilling work of the anchoring hole of high buildings deep basement foundation, and also used in drilling the drain hole and large tonnage prestressed anchoring hole of the geotechnical engineering such as the side slope of dam construction, railways, highways, etc.; the guiding hole of high pressure jet grouting in gravel area; the blast hole; the anti-floating anchoring hole; the foundational reinforcing hole of interior architecture; the grouting reinforcing hole; the reinforcinghole of road or dam foundation; and the anchoring hole of landslide preventing.


    The great rotary torque and long feeding stroke distance of the drilling rig make the speed of borehole faster, the disposal capability of accident better and efficiency of drilling work higher.
    Extension mechanism in the output spindle of top drive power head protects drilling tools effectively.
    The gearshift mechanism of top drive power head adopts the hydraulic shift method which has the strongpoint of the quickness, convenience, reliability, etc. of the gearshift.
    The hydraulic clamp & wrench device enormously decreases the assistant time and also reduces the intensity of operating work.
    The equipment is mounted on the track chassis with the turning platform mechanism which makes the moving and walking more and more convenient.
    The principal hydraulic elements are all selected from import or home well famous products that make the machine have a stable, reliable and durable performance.
    The drilling rig is suitable for a variety of drill technique and methods, such as the rotary drill, auger drill, air drive DTH hammer impact and so on.
    The rig can be installed with a rod lifting device (optional) to join drill rods.


    Drilling depth (m) 150 ~ 60
    Drilling diameter (mm) Ф130 ~ 250
    drill size (mm) Ф89 × 2000, Ф127 × 2000
    power head output speed (positive and negative) (rpm) 37/74; 84/168
    power head maximum output torque (Nm) 6000
    Power head stroke (mm) 2800
    power head maximum pull force (kN) 55
    Power Head biggest feeding force (kN) 40
    mast slip stroke (mm) 500
    gradeability (°) 20 °
    car slewing angle (°) 360 °
    Diesel Power (kW) 75
    Motor Power (kW) 37
    rig outside dimensions (transport status) (mm) about 5000 × 2000 × 2300
    Rig mass (kg) about 4000
    Options a) wet dust removal device; b) high-speed fourth gear power head: 180rph

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